Jan 4th Trip

My neighbor had a free Saturday and wanted to go fishing. I had to think twice due to the cold but remembered I used to be a “Spuedo-Yankee” (15 miles south of Mason-Dixon) so it shouldn’t be an issue. We waited until afternoon for the weather to warm up a bit and launched from goldbug around noon. We worked the banks on the falling tide with little luck. Made it up to my favorite dock which was, once again, occupied by an anchored boat. I moved down a dock or two to get out of his way and within minutes was hooked up with a mid-30" redfish caught on a chartreuse 3" gulp grub. Revived and released him and lost my net in the process. About ten min later I hooked up with and est. 30" red caught on a mud minnow under a cork. Managed to get him in the kayak and back in the water without losing any more gear. It got chilly but wasn’t too bad. Rode the tide back to the ramp just before dusk. Good day on the water.





Nice fish J.P. - Congrats! We went out and got a good ol’ skunk on Saturday…

We got skunked in the same place the friday before with favorable solunar. My expectations for Saturday were low. That’s probably why we got lucky. If I ever get Charleston fishing figured out then it’s time for a new hobby.