Jekyll island

Had a nice weekend get away on Jekyll Island for the Shrimp and Grits festival. Beautiful place and found more sand dollars than any other beach I’ve walked on. The shrimp and grits thing left a lot to be wanted. I figured it would be an opportunity to sample many different styles. Nope 12-18 bucks for a tiny bowl from various venders. Craft vendors were really cool and two live bands. Shuttle service to and from the Hotel. Walked a little bit on the North End Near the ruins and found an orange tree kind of in the woods. Maybe the best orange I’ve ever eaten. It’s only about 1:15 from Savanah and 8 bucks for a day pass.

Old school cotton, these plants were easily over 6’ never seen them this high.


North end of the beach is probably a 1/2 mile of this to walk through.


One of the old clubs you can stay at. The top room is the highest building on the Island and you can rent the room for about a grand if you book long in advance.


Thanks for sharing . It’s been a long time since i visited

Been wanting to go for a few years now but just haven’t made it yet.
Looks nice.

When you say OLD SCHOOL COTTON do you mean pre genetic engineering? Is that the way cotton was back in the 1800’s?

If so, I never knew it grew like that either.

They say the when cotton was king you there were patches you couldn’t see across, now I see why

I can remember Cotton, almost as high, right here in Pickens County. My Grandfather grew it.

Took it to the Cotton Gin, a few miles away, on Cedar Lane Rd. In Greenville.

I remember when it was torn down.

Wendy’s restaurant is there today.

Good times in my youth, probably never seen again.

EF, I wish I knew. I read the summary posted by the plot. That’s what I assumed… pre genetic alteration. Looks like that is the legit old school crop. ?? and actually pre 1800’s also they had Indigo plants right next to it. Just reminds me that the war of northern aggression was over our natural resources rather than slaves. Old Abe banned slavery in the South, but did not stop it in the North with the Emancipation Proclamation. Everyone thinks old Abe freed the slaves. Sort of, but just in the South, he kept them in the North.

Nice area down there. I seldom think about the Georgia coast but it has some nice areas and things to offer. I do know they never seem to get hit by a hurricane.

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The beach with the trees is nice. Looks like skeleton beach just south of Bulls island. When you think about it , that beach is natural. The Carolina beaches with the bare sand had the trees removed. Beautiful .

I’ll dare say their red fish population is higher than ours. I know their limit is 5 per person. If it wasn’t for driving I95 and all the knuckle heads on it. I’d do that beach trip more often.

We’ve actually looked at a couple of cabins to rent on the GA coast. They have a lot of good areas like ours to fish, etc…

Dewees Island?

Georgia does have some beautiful coast line!

Birthplace of the criminal Federal Reserve.