Jellyballs- Stono Inlet

Weather is looking nice for Monday and Tuesday so planning on heading to one of the nearshore reefs in search of some spadefish. Planning on heading out of the Stono inlet. Anyone know where I can find some jellyballs? Should I walk the beach by sandy point or are they still floating around in good numbers?

I saw very few in the harbor last weekend compared to what has been out there. Saw a few hear and there, but nothing in numbers.

I saw a bunch in Stono inlet last weekend. Let me know if they are still there if you go that way. I’m planning to go out Friday. Question though, how do you use them for bait without getting stung?

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Went out today, had a hard time finding them. Only got a couple. No luck with the spades.

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jelly ball won’t sting you, just make sure you wash your hands good before touching your eyes or your pecker.

I was out at folly today and walked the pier. Not a lot of jellies in the water or on the beach… clean calm water so I could see good. Saw a baby spare caught in the surf. We had a lot of wind Friday night and that scatters things like jelly’s and bait schools.

Went out today. Didnt see any jellies on the way to reef but once there had the occasionally one float by every so often. No spades to be seen at the reef though.