Jesus taketh the wheel, ICW taketh the impeller - YS

Well, left the ramp, loaded up on menhaden and headed to the 1st spot…but before we could make it there the impeller went into bluetooth mode! Jesus, you didn’t have to do that! Just tell us to slow down next time we listen pretty good. I’m not stubborn, kept going away from the landing of course, but the show must go on!!! Youngen Style had that itch that only sharks could make her at ease so we pressed on! Trolling motor went out too…$$$$…then fuel delivery issues which appeared to be computer related…Jesus we heard you the first time, we really going slow, but we got to hit these holes before we miss our window. Plenty offered to help but we said no thanks, we’ll burden someone else later in the day if we need to.
Yeah, that pretty much sums it up…oh yeah she let me catch “1” today too!!!


Endeavor to persevere

Man, that’s a tough day! Still, yall got those things dialed right on in! It’s pretty cool to see, thanks for the report!!