Jetties day

So by the time we got out on the river we couldn’t get bait due to tide too high, but luckily i brought some frozen shrimp and squid. Nothing beats live bait though. I think it would have been better with some live shrimp or finger mullet :confused:
Caught quite a few 12 3/4" BSB’s. man those would’ve been dinner tonight if just a little bigger. caught a lot of species today and action was constant even though we didn’t get dinner. This one below which i need an ID on. is it a type of grunt? hard to see but had red spots and some blue lines.

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Spot on, sir- our only inshore grunt species, the pigfish Orthopristis chrysoptera

I enjoy your reports, wish those BSB were an inch longer too!

I love that color shirt. I started buying country salt this year since i saw them at the flower town festival. they fit great and i’m all about supporting local. we have about 5 or 6 within the family.
that hat is a local company too. I have a few of their t-shirts.
thanks for the information on the pigfish!

Looks like you picked a pretty day to go. We’re working on a oceanfront building. About a quarter mile or so seen a a few boats fishing.
It sure looked pretty out there.
I called them bad names…

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Good deal, hope it was a little cooler out on the water.

I caught a couple pigfish this morning,they any good to eat?

Idk… but since pinfish are mini porgies and pigfish are mini grunts, I gotta think they’re both pretty good if you wanna scale, gut, head and fry…

Thanks B ,just in case I can’t get a couple of these.


When I was young, family took a charter boat and caught over 200 Pigfish(hogfish?), don’t remember how good, but we did eat some.

Capt. I believe said OK eating.

Heck, gut, scale and fry whole.