JigSkinz- A little braggin'...

JigSkinz squeaked into the centerfold of this months Saltwater Sportsman and an interview and picture I took of my son in this months Sport Fishing magazine. Good press for rolling into ICast in 10 days.

Sorry for the spam, just happy to see the work paying off, carry on…


Keep at it dude. Love to see the “local” guys getting it done!

Good for you!!



Congrats, hard work and a good product brings success.

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That’s worth bragging about :sunglasses: Besides, it ain’t braggin’ if you can prove it and you’ve done that. Congrats. Hard work and refusal to fail pays off.

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that’s awesome courtland. you’ve got an awesome product, keep at it!

“mr keys”

So do you keep the big advertising board up in the house all the time for those just in case moments! Haha! Glad to see local ideas take flight. Hope your orders start pouring in!

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