Jim Bost Memorial Tourney, Edisto

What’s worse that fishing all day for one 11.7# dolphin? How about having to weigh in said dolphin in front of a crowd of spectators. Lol. The upside was that is was good for fourth place. Downside is that there only four four boats due to weather keeping a lot of folks who would normally participate on land. Did manage to hook a blue marlin long enough to watch him put on a little show. Stayed hooked through all the jumping and thrashing so we though we had him, but came unbuttoned on a tight line after about five minutes. Sounded pretty slow for all the boats. Nice looking current rips in 350-400 ft with scattered weed mats but no fish for us. Sloppy ride out and back but layed down mid day. Think we are done trolling for the year until Edisto Governors Cup. Tarpon time.
Happy Fathers Day to all the CF dads.

Nice read. Tarpon soon

Tarpon are already thick and here. Go get em!

Nice. You guys mind sharing some tarpon tips? I’ve actually had pretty decent luck offshore this year, but sense I’ve been lucky and it seems to be sloppy and slow last few weeks. I’d love to chase some tarpon, but know zip about where to go and what the best techniques are in the area. Been in Florida a few times, and only problem landing 'em there was keeping the sharks away.

Sea Hunt Gamefish 25, Twin Yamaha 150s

Junebug- in memory of my sweet grandmother.