Johnson 140 4 stroke quick question

Motor runs fine then all of the sudden will just die down and then take back off on its own without me moving the throttle at all. Then sometime when you sit for a bit, I try to crank it and it spits and sputters then shuts off. The bulb has no pressure in it at that points. so i pump it up and it runs fine.

My question is do i need to replace just the bulb or the whole line going to the motor? or is that not the problem at all? I feel like its a simple fix but just want to be sure before i take it out again.


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“Reel Estate”
06 14ft Alumnacraft

mine has done the same thing, sometimes i think the fuel pump is losing prime/failing then i wonder if its something electrical, who knows well i guess a mechanic could figure it out, usually just pump the bulb for a few minutes and its fine

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replace the bulb as a start, its cheap and easy