Johnson 50 HP ? What is this? Where does hose Go?

This is on a 1998 Johnson 50 HP Model Number J50TSLECC
I took the carburetors off to clean them because the motor bogs down and will not go through the throttle range with out bogging down. Carbs look great, very clean. Noticed a nipple just below the bottom carb, (you can not see it with the bottom carb on)there was no hose attached to it, and I can no see a loose hose hanging anywhere. parts breakdown shows a hose that goes on the nipple but it does not show where it goes??? That is my question, where does the hose that goes on the nipple just below the bottom carb location?? (WHITE ARROW)
Any advice would help


It looks like the plug for the impulse line for the diaphragm fuel pump?

Not familar with that motor. Maybe go by a dealer and look at a similar engine.

I’m almost certain that Fred is correct.

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I know I have seen that before working on the 70 I had. Did a little digging and it is for connecting to the bottom of the silencer that bolts to the carbs. The purpose is to suck any fuel/oil that leaks into the silencer into the crankcase so it doesn’t leak all over the lower cowling and eventually down the intermediate housing.

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Hairball, thanks for the info and the link to the evinrude sight. I should have checked that one. does not describe it as well.
I am sure that is it, but not sure if that is the cause of the problem I am having but figured I should hook it back up just to eliminate it.
Thanks again

Let me know if you havent figured it out, I have the same engine 1998 50spl and I think it is the Pulse line as someone said and it needs to be plugged if it isnt being used by the fuel pump.

pulse line I believe also
should be a hose coming from the VRO fuel pump
if its not hooked up, you don’t need to plug it, as the motor wont run very long without a fuel pump

I just looked at my engine, It is the pulse line. The overflow for the carb silencer (or whatever its called) is directly under the bottom carb when i followed the hose. The pulse hole is not centered under bottom carb but offset to the starboard side a little. I plugged mine when i took VRO off and used the pulse hole on the side of the block where you mount non-VRO fuel pump and it works fine

Depends on what style fuel pump you use if you need to use it or plug it.