Went out today got fishing about 30 minutes after low.
Slow start live shrimp on bottom. Worked a electric chicken
lost the tail seventyfive casts later. No catch. Saw a lot of emergency vehicles. Police ended up coming up on me. Just stopped me to tell me about the woman that had jumped off the bridge…about five pm I picked up a healthy little bass on a mud minnow. It was nice catching him love seeing them colors. Few more cast used everything I had. The sun started to set the moon was out early gotta love it.

Yea I was driving in from Wando river and saw around five police boats and a chopper start hovering around. Just avoided it, thought it may have been a jumper. Sad

What bridge?

14’ Pamlico 140 Angler w/ rudder
Kayak, SCUBA, or both.

Cooper River Bridge. They still haven’t found her.

Sailfish 2100 bay/YamahaF150
Perception 12.5 Caster

“It’s Christmas time…in the city”

sup follybeachpeanutguy? had a couple drivers stuck on the bridge during that mess. guess she parked her truck at the top of the bridge and jumped off. sad. glad you got one fish. i fished all night fri. night ended up with 3 misses(doh!). should have gone yesterday i guess