Just ain't no way

I just don’t see how you could put up with this traffic everyday.

I refuse, got a 4mi, 10min commute

Charleston: We full!

I was offered a job here in Charleston several years ago. About 50% more in pay. Same benefits is a job I have now. Vehicle paid for cell phone 100% of our health insurance. Turn it down just because of the traffic.

Texas Roadhouse off 52 gets yourself a Roadkill, mash tators brown gravy with extra shrooms just don’t eat too many rolls before your dinner comes

Tell ‘em to put it on Sailfish’s tab

Had plans on retiring and living in Beaufort. So glad to have sold that and have a place to live in piece. I hate traffic, even in a grocery store, lol.


Yep, spent 4 months down there a few years ago commuting back and forth to the hospital SICU from JI.

Prior to that had planned on getting a small place or a condo there because my kids are down there.

Looked at my wife one day and said, “I’m 2/3rds of the way to dead, don’t want to spend the rest of my days in this traffic.” We’re permanent on Lake Murray, no worries.


Yeah, it really is kind of sad. My wife and I talked for years about retiring and moving to the Charleston area as we boat/fish there and have friends all around the area. Unfortunately, with all of the traffic, sprawl and cost of living we decided it just wasn’t worth it. We visit our son and go all over the area, and it doesn’t seem to matter where you go, the traffic is awful.

Growth is nice and I know politicians see $ signs but, when your roads are full and you can’t get anywhere, it is too much. Charleston is a victim of its own popularity unfortunately.

took a hooky day Yesterday to get Title stuff squared away on a Boat. I left the house at 0700 and headed to Fort Johnson. Made one stop for gas and a Gatorade. I didn’t get back to the House until 1145 and I live in Walterboro. Charleston has become a mad house for traffic. BeesFerry area is growing ridiculously. The WestRock closure might help a tiny bit. Last I heard there are 8-10 families moving to Charleston everyday. Then I took the Wife to Beaufort for a Doc appt. Trafic there isn’t as bad, but darn sure getting there. At least I had a wind down with some local craft beer. Wanted another, but just had one.

They’re supposed to repair that dock y’all are looking towards but the seafood dealer owns it. The restaurant next door has a floater with about 8 places to tie for patrons. For all the water around there aren’t many restaurants to boat to. The Salty Dog on the Bohickett doesn’t have boat docking so the marina owner charges the restaurant patrons $10 an hour to tie up. Ain’t been to Bowens Island yet but I hear they let you tie up to eat there. I’d rather boat then drive.

Not too terrible here yet in Myrtle Beach since they built 31 and 22.
But we’re 31 meets grissom parkway gets pretty congested in the mornings and afternoon.
But now they’re building a bunch of townhouse over 300 units. So I’m guessing that would probably put another 600 cars in that area every day.
693 days give or take. Hopefully we will be moving too Clio Georgia.