Kayak Festival @ James Island CO Park

Hey guys just trying to keep track on the local events here. Has anyone attended this event? Is one day better that the other? Any Cost associated with this event? Just trying to decide if I should give up a chance to go fishing or invest the time and head over to the county park for some networking. I was curious on the use of outriggers and wanted to try a kayak with a rudder and check on how well it lets you go hands free. Have a great week. v/r TXF :8ball:

TX, This is a GREAT weekend for any kind of Kayak enthusiast. If you just want to go and walk around to check stuff out, it just cost one dollar to get in to the park. I recommend signing up for at least the Sampler package ($15) which allows you to get on the water and try out literally any kayak on the market. Most of the vendors are also running some pretty good sales on Kayaks and accessories. You can also sign up for some other packages that also allow you to participate in the on and off water classes and seminars.

Saturday from 11-3 is usually the busiest part of the event, so if you want to avoid the crowds try Friday afternoon (I believe it is over at 5pm each day) or Sunday Morning.


See you out there,
Dolphin D

“Paddle Solo, Sleep Tandem!!”

Hey DolphinD, okay I’m there. Thanks for the heads up on this one. v/r TXF:8ball:

TX, One more thing, If you want to try hands free fishing on a kayak, check out the hobie outback and adventure kayaks. They are pedal drive boats that allow you to put the paddle down and concentrate on fishing. There should be some of these boats out there this weekend for demo.

“Paddle Solo, Sleep Tandem!!”

Dolphin D, roger that, the outbacks are a nice product. I went with the basic wilderness system tarpon 140. I have been adding onto this boat as my budget allows. I read where one kayaker was talking about using his rudder to wiggle into and hold position when stalking fish. This sounds good to go. Really look forward to this event. v/r TXF :8ball: