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lookin to do some fishin from kayak or canoe, i am 5 foot 8 150 pounds and want to go solo at times but also want to take my boys ages 10 and eight. first thought were a tandem kayak but lately been thinkin about gettin a canoe for more flexibilty and ability too take more people. lookin to fish the creeks, any thoughts or advice

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I have both, prefer the tandem when alone. If the wind is up, you need the tandem with a lower profile. Canoeing alone in the wind can be rough. recomend spending $200 on outriggers, cant tip over.

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Fishing Kayak is the way to go tandem or 14 FT Malibu Stealth 10 year old can use the gator hatch seat

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Definitely the kayak. Tandem preferably but like Dave said, certain kayaks work well with a kid sitting on the bow like in his photo.

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Canoe if you plan to spend most of your time fishing with both boys. Kayak is a better choice for tandem or solo.

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yeah right now still leaning toward canoe, can a canoe be rigged with the anti tip out riggers as well as leaning post to stand and fish? since i have two boys need option to be able to take both

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You can put sponsons or amas on a canoe. The amas (outriggers) will give you max stability. Don’t let the outriggers get you in trouble in rough conditions. I’d stay away from a leaning post.

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