Kayak Seats

I just bought an Ocean Kayak, Scrambler XT but it came without a seat. I was wondering if anyone knew of any for sale or had any suggestions as to what I should and shouldnt buy. Thanks

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Google: “kayak seats” and you shall be rewarded! For a small price of course. I have two XT’s myself, you can use any of the adjustables with straps, depending on what you want under your buns. I like a lot of padding.

Surf to summit seats, Apex, Check with some of the local shops like, ludens, Mikes Bikes, Time out Sports

Surf to Summit all the way.

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Hey Banjo, I have some Ocean Kayak Back Bands (not a full seat, but the back support part) for real cheap! I think we have these on sale for about $20. We don’t carry Ocean kayak anymore, and these have just been sitting around the shop. Give us a call, 388-6266, if you are interested.

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