Keeping Blue Crabs alive

What is the best way to keep blue crab alive in the boat. The round wooden bushel Baskets are not available.

A cooler will work, as well as one of the large plastic bushel size tubs. Leave the lid off so they don’t suffocate, ank keep them wet with a damp towel.

Gonna be a challenge in this heat!

Good luck, and welcome to the site!!

You might try Marvin’s, on Dorchester Rd. He might have a wooden bushel basket or two to spare?

Plastic bushel basket lined with a burlap sack. Cover loosely with another but let the side holes of the basket breathe. Pour water over it frequently

Or your live well with the plug out and hit the switch every once in a while

You’ll want a good dip net and/or a pair of welders gloves for scenario #2

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You might also consider pulling the backs off
Get rid of the deadman and the guts.
Rinse in the creek and put them on ice. Orbis AF2013-6 Stack-N-Nest Green Agricultural Vented Crate - 20" x 13" x 5 5/8"

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