King Mackeral Rigs

I was looking to make some leaders to sell online. I was wondering if anybody would be interested in purchasing them. I do a lot of fishing for king and specialize in leaders for this fish. The standard make would be 3 feet of AFW coated stranded wire with a crimped on swivel and a live bait hook with a VMC treble several inches behind it. Also, the same style make but with an extra hook for ribbon fish. I was just curious if anyone is interested in these before I start making a lot. I will even make leaders customized any way you would like. Let me know if you are interested in this!

I would be interested in that. My buddies and I are doing a sailing trip in early summer and wanted to troll for some kings.

Alright man if you google king mackerel rigs on ebay you will see my posting with 10 for $15 or 50 for $75! If you have any further questions let me know!

SellsFish in Summerville might be interested in turning some for you.

I am very interested, do you have a email?

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