King Tide Sunday Reds

Found em biting and limited out reds with 2 anglers. Cut mullet produced quality reds on the outgoing king tide Sunday morning. Water was 6-8” above the top of the ramp at launch but it didn’t stop us. Video attached with terminal tackle explanation for new inshore fishermen. Can flatten the curve for less experienced anglers who want to catch consistently who don’t know how to rig cut bait properly.

Man… I cringed the whole time I watched your truck in the water like that… that can’t be good for it:face_with_head_bandage:

Other than that, good fishing and informative video.:+1:

Fishing Nerd

“No bar, no pinball machines, no bowling alleys, just pool… nothing else.”

…well, some fishing too!

I did not love driving in that but I haven’t been able to fish in months between work and engine trouble. To set your mind at ease, when I got back I ran my sprinkler under the truck for a half hour at different angles. Thanks for the support, especially from a veteran such as yourself.

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Nice video.