King trollin

Late Report. We caught 5 Kings last sunday, all trolling X-raps. plus bottom critters! About 70 ft.:sunglasses: No smokers but good eatn size.

Nice Kings T, glad to see them getting shallower. Thanks for sharing the pics.

Sea Hunt 212 Triton
“Head East”

Not many King reports…they are biting NOW anyone willing to share? Love to see new reports…:sunglasses:

Kencraft 23T
twin 175f Suzuki’s

Caught these on 6-15 (Saturday)5-kings one big spanish plus plenty of bottom critters, Kids had a ball!!!:sunglasses:

Kencraft 23T
twin 175f Suzuki’s

Good haul triple! Im watching the weather but planning on going saturday

Capt. R. Killin
21 Contender “Killin Time”

How about this one? 50 lbs.

Olde Man Charters
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Bringing up a small bottom fish and bam! Caught on a 6000 Penn spinning outfit with mono leader no less. Quite a surprise.

That’s a Hogg! Great fight I’d bet on that size rod for sure!

Kencraft 23T
twin 175f Suzuki’s


“sniff it before you eat it!”