Kiptopeke 12-21

Two words describe yesterday WINDY and cold (the water)
Met up with Chad and Austin yesterday to go hunt kows at Kipto. When we got there the area between shore and the ships looked like the worlds biggest washing machine. 3-4 foot rollers pumping through the spaces between the ships, wind lbowing straight down the line, so there wasn’t a sheltered place to be seen.

We hung out a while before deciding to pass. Chad took me on a tour of the greater VA beach area with a drive by Lynhaven and some of the better launch point to work the CBBT

We dropped Austin back at the house then grabbed a bite to eat and formulate a new plan. After thinking about it and checking out conditions at the mouth of the bay we decided to hit the ships after all. launched at an empty parking lot and paddled through a bit of chop and slop to the ships. There was a decent bit of shelter tight to the ships, so we drifted eels down the length North to South. Spent a couple of hours out there without a hook up.
I had the clicker on my reel go off one time, the rod tip went down, picked up the rod, waited, waited, came tight and … nothing.

We’ll see if the weather will cooperate to give it a go later today. Hopefully a couple of tide changes have wamred the water a few degrees

Who’s ready for a sleigh ride?

Hey toobusy what are you fishing for up there using eels?

Chasing after the humongous Kiptopeke stripers. Sadly none to be found, just lots and lots of wind out of the north. Didn’t even try to launch today. Bailed out and headed back to NC to be with family.

check out this action from last week.

Who’s ready for a sleigh ride?

I was planning on making a trip out there this weekend but it looks like the weather is going to be crummy. Haven’t heard much out of Kipto this year. Course the season has been really slow so far. Thanks for the link.



The Kipto season was really short this year. The insane storm before Christmas dropped the bay temp and the cows headed south following warmer water. There’s a little hope for them moving back in if the water temp comes up, but I wouldn’t make the drive until I got a few reports of good fish.

You could head up to chase schoolies at HRBT fishing the light line at night. Visit kayakbassfishing to meet up with some of the VA guys.

Who’s ready for a sleigh ride?

The hell wiht the drive to VA… we can catch schoolies here in the cooper… just gotta figger out where :wink:

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