Knot tying tools

My eyes aren’t what they used to be. I have looked at some tying tools on the net. I was wondering if ya’ll had any recommendations for a tool that helps an old fisherman tie a few more knots.

Thanks in advance

If you tie at home I got one of these at Harbor Freight but pretty sure you can get one anywhere

getting old ain’t no fun harder to see and more harder to hear I can still smell pretty good so far :woozy_face:

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spotted this on FB the other evening

Wow where can I get one?

I’m about a 99.9% polamar knot dude

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I use a strong pair of reading glasses and tie a uni-knot on everything.Good luck Sarge.

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Getting old sucks but it beats the alternative.

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Went to the eye Dr Monday. I finally broke down & had them add progressive lenses to my new ones i ordered.
I had been struggling for a couple years but finally got to the point i was rrally struggling getting the line thru the hook eye. Hopefully i get adjusted to them.

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I can’t wear bi-focals, due to my work.
If you ever see me, I’ll have 1.5s on my eyes, and another pair on my visor. Both on my eyes when I need to see up close.

Might look stupid, but I can see!

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Ain’t never liked bipeepers but them transitions are more than I want to withdrawal from my buried mason jar poverty fund

Let us know how you like them

Tried shooting with readers. Can’t decide whether to try and use the lenses or just look over the frames.

Dr said they are a good design & most all people get adjusted to them in a few days.
I should get them in a couple weeks & I’ll let you know how i like them.

I been using progressives for over 10years, wouldn’t ever be without em, love em.

Took maybe a month to adjust originally, but WELL worth the adjust!!!

I switched to colored line. Made a world of difference. Yellow is best.

I’ve had my progressive lenses for a couple weeks now & it is like night & day.
I can read the smallest text on medicine bottles, hit the eye of a hook on the 1st try.
Hate i didn’t get them my last go round.
Only took a couple days to get use too but mine is a lower magnification.

Funny you mention yellow. I’ve got an armful of rods I could snag for targeting trout but I almost always snatch up the one with the yellow braid. For tying a double uni with fluorocarbon, it’s a nice contrast….and I’ve got pop bottle bottoms so it’s helpful to me.


me too
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Maybe bring or search Amazon. Look what I found.

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Not a knot tying tool just the knot

Say that 3 times fast :point_up: while going 15 knots

Nice to know