lake greenwood stripers

lake greenwood has a good population of stripers, the month of april they will make their run up the river all the way to the ware shoals dam just above the U.S. 25 bridge and the other feeder creeks and river. the point is everybody keeps this a top secret, with never a post. maybe a trader will one day make a good post.

The same applies behind the dam at buzzards roost. No secret there!

Aint no stripers left in Lake Greenwood!!!

I guess all the fisherman lined up on the bank caught all of them. the perch run with them also

I agree with boatpoor. Lake Greenwood is a crappie and perch lake. :slight_smile: Never fished for them above the 25 bridge but would like to know about it. That would be a good Kayak adventure.

ck out the pictures in Carolina Game and Fish!

I fnally got after them last weekend. Had a good one break off at the boat but managed three around 26" and one around 18. It was a fun day.

I’ve been meaning to get out there and do some striper fishing. I only live 15 miles away from greenwood. I know in april, my buddies and I will go catch them in the river.

1970 MAKO CC 22’

UP what type of bait were you using?

Blue Back Herring