Lake Hartwell 8/28. Shad Slinger Charters

Took my 73yr old father and 7yr old son on our first “boys” trip. We fished with Nathan of Shad Slinger Charters. First time there and we had a ball. Fishing had been sporadic as the lake is fixing to turnover shortly and the fish are pretty stressed. We caught a bunch and had twice as many short strikes. Fish were schooling and suspended around the channel very deep for this Santee Cooper guy. Got a tutorial on keeping herring alive 101, wire line trolling, and spoon fishing. It was by far, the best guide trip I’ve ever been on. We didn’t just catch fish, we were taught how too. Nathan is an encyclopedia of striper knowledge and just a good old people person. So, if you are around Lake Hartwell or want a boys trip, or whatever., look Nathan of Shad Slinger Charters up. You will not be disappointed!
Ohhh, don’t forget to grab you some hot dogs all the way from Skins before you go. I’d humbly suggest 3-4 all the way with extra slaw and cheese! Delicious