Lake Moultrie Kayak Tournament?

The Cross Chapter of Wildlife Action is interested in sponsoring a Kayak Fishing Tournament out of their property off Hwy 6 (west side of the Lake)on April 28th. This location provides fairly close access to the Duck Pond and Braswell slough area of the lake, while an ambitious paddler could make it to the Hatchery. This is a first for us and we are trying to gage the interest in a tournament held out of this facility as most of what I see is more salty. We could be talked into more than one category, but I see this first effort oriented towards largemouth bass. It would be interesting to have a catfish tournament, but that would be more weather sensitive than a bass tournament. I would expect to model our tournament after the IFA rules. Anyway, comment here or send me a PM if you are interested. Thanks for reading this far.


That sounds exciting…Keep us posted on the event.

i know my wife, son, and myself …we would all be interested…

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Anymore info on the tournament if its a go or not???

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I would very interested in the tournament if both largemouth and catfish were eligible.

I’d do it! I’d bet some of the other folks around the DWC might be up for it as well.

I’d be up for this too…

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Any updates?