Lake Murray 5/26

Headed to Murray Memorial Day weekend. Hopeful to catch some crappie. Any insight on their patterns this time of year would be appreciated.

Crappie are most likely going to be around brush in water between 12’ and 15’ deep. Bear and John’s creeks would be good places to check. Also, check out The Old Fisherman on Utube to see some recent crappie videos from Murray.

Thanks for your reply, and, checking back in!

I miss your reports!


Never heard of him, but watched a couple vids and awesome.

Good stuff and Thanks!!


Agreed, The Old Fisherman is a great click

I’ve been enjoying watching the old fisherman videos for a number of years. I was impressed with his early ones before he learned how to edit them. The numbers of fish he was catching in real time were fantastic.
Now I just need to learn how to post pictures from my phone so I can post some of my fish pictures here.

This is good stuff. Thanks for the info

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In case the crappie don’t bite bring a few combos heavy enough for stripers. Down rods are producing well baited with locally available herring.

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