Lakes to Charleston - SC Wildlife Magazine article?

Anyone remember an article in SC Wildlife Magazine within the last 6-10 yrs. Was about running from the lakes to Charleston down the Cooper R, stopping and camping a couple of nights. Some sight seeing. Some fishing. Some boat riding.

Planning a trip and remember the article as having a lot of good info but can’t put my fingers on it now.


Ive done that trip before. Youll like it, whats not to like?

I remember when you said this, pretty much nailed it

On the magazine article, I think this might help. At least its a good place to start

Hows that new yamaha running?

How’d I manage to post this in the fly-fishing section??? IDK. Anyways…

Thanks for the link the digital archive.

And, the yammer hammer runs like a top. Got a 3 blade 17" pitch prop on her and she jumps out of the hole like a scalded dog. WOT is just above 40 mph and she gets about 5mpg running around 3400 rpm at around 30 mph fully loaded. Couldn’t ask for better.

Next question - where can we get gas on the lakes (Moultrie and Marion)?

If you go into google maps and then zoom in on the lakes you will be able to type “Marinas” into the search box and they all will show up.

Its a fun trip, ive done it a couple times.

Whatever happened here?

Heading out next week.
One of the guys is tooling up his cameras to document the trip.
If we get anything worth seeing, I’ll link.
At this point, we’re getting all the camping and fishing gear in piles and seeing what’ll fit in the boats. 6 guys in 3 boats and my 17’ Henry O will be the largest ride.
The other two will be in 16’ UBW Bentz-Craft Flats boats.

I have no idea what to fish for or how on a fresh water lake. We’ll figure something out.
Reminds me… need to check the lock schedule.

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Just got off the phone with Pinopolis Lock - closed until December!

Trip postponed until Spring.

We checked the Santee Cooper web site weeks ago for lock operation/schedule and saw nothing about the closure. They posted it to their Facebook page! Facebook!?!?!

Glad i called. Came very close to running up the Cooper only to turn around and run back.

May go hunting.

Well ain’t that a kick in the pants. Like you said, though, at least you didn’t find out the hard way

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