Largemouth Bass fishing using Live Shiners

I’ve done a lot of Largemouth bass fishing in Florida using Live Shiners beneath a float. Is this technique used on Lake Moultrie ? If So, do any guides take clients out for live bait fishing? Names and or means of contact would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Allen Lynch

Shiners will definitely work. I knew a guy years ago who’d occasionally fish shiners in the deeper pads in the back of Angels Cove in Moultrie.

Not many bass guides at Santee, at least not nearly as many as there are for catfish, strippers, or crappie. Best bass guide at Santee hands down is Inky Davis, second best is probably Linwood Thornhill. You can google Inky to get his info, as for Linwood pretty sure you can contact him through Blacks Fish Camp.

Not sure if either shiner fish, never hurts to ask.

Im available to take you out on Moultrie. I fish it for striper and catfish though. I wouldn’t be your guy for largemouth but live baiting striper and cats is a blast and its very productive. 843 582 1991

Capt. R. Killin
21 Contender “Killin Time”

Thanx, Guys (Pitcher and KillinR) . I’ve sent an email to Inky Davis concerning Live Bait fishing for Largemouth on Lake Moultrie.