Last year

Got a certificate from DNR for tagging last week. Tagged 167 fish last year. got me thinking about what kind of year we had. We caught hundreds of trout. But they were all small.12-14. only caught a couple keepers. As spring approached we started finding some nice black drum pretty good size. Was also picking up some nice flounder in early March.but as more and more boat started showing up. The flounder bite seemed to fizzle out. had a little success with the sheep head. Nothing to write home about. most of them around 16". Just kind of picked at the redfish most of the year. Most of them around 18". But there was the occasional 25" to 30". About May the annual jetski migration started. We need to have open season on them. Going into the fall. Was disappointed with the bull red bite. We only caught about 15. And only a couple over 40". Biggest 47". But the blue fish & Spanish mackerel bite was insane. The sheep head also seem to pick up we got a few nice ones around 20".
Life keeps getting in the way of my fishing. Going to work on that real hard this year. Just my thoughts on last year. How was y’alls year? Oh and this year has started off real well for me. Good luck and you can’t catch him sitting on the couch.

I am fragile. Not like a flower. But like a bomb.