(Late Report) 5/5 Stono Inlet & Limehouse

Started off at Stono Inlet area and boated one 26" red real quick. Really just took the dog out to get her out of the house and run around on random islands.

Then dropped dog off at house and picked up son for some falling tide action around Limehouse area. Felt guilty as I acted like a shmuck and snatched up the first rod with a red on it (instead of giving to the son). Boated it and let it go.

Threw the lines back out and prayed for a chance to get him on the rod and luckily another rod went off. He jumped on it but it got snagged and popped off. Several minutes later another rod keels over and he’s reeling like wicked tuna. Felt horrible as after several long minutes the fish popped off not far from the boat. When I thought he’d had enough he asked for 5 more minutes. Right at the 5 minute mark (which only had a little over a foot of water left at a spot I’ve been stranded before), the reel starts screaming. He hops on again and reels like hell (he’s only 3 & 1/2… so the reel stays in the rod holder… just like wicked tuna! ha!). He gets it to the boat and I snag the fish in. 29" red for him and big smile. All reds released unharmed. Cut mullet on the bottom.

Great day and so glad we nailed a few because the last half-dozen trips with him have yielded hardly anything.


No matter how much it hurts, how dark it gets, or how far you fall…you are never out of the fight.

Awesome Job!!!

211 Sea Hunt Ultra

Awesome Job!!!

211 Sea Hunt Ultra

Awesome post man i cant wait for my little man to get just a little older to go as well

Thanks guys!

Reelin - get them out early (I think mine was just over a year and half when I started taking him). It can be painful at first (have a second person with you if able) trying to enjoy fishing yet keeping a kid safe & entertained; however, the more you get them out then the more you and the kiddo will learn how to “deal” with one another :wink: Also, bring lots of bribes (sweets), find locations where you can fish & get off the boat to let them run around, and put some live bait in the livewell for them to screw around with while waiting on a bite. Just relaying what I’ve learned plus what others passed on to me as well.