Late report for 12-15

I made my maiden voyage on my new to me boat(Fin Loco)Sat. Had the boat for about 5 weeks and was itching to get it wet, so inspite of the forcast, we went. Boat did really well in the 4 to 5 foot slop out to 70 foot where we caught about 200 BSB in about 2 hours. Can’t wait to take it up to Nags Head in Feb. to try my luck with the Bluefins.

Cool, I see you landed some of those rare and endangered BSB’s.

Nice. That looks like a stud BSB. How was the fuel burn rate with the new one?

“Good things come to those who bait”

Well considering the conditions not too bad. I have to learn how to drive it. She seems to like to go fast and when I got her on top running about 30 it was 20 gal per hour. Earlier that morning only running low 20’s also 20 gal per hour. Looking at putting some motor wedges on to give me a slower plaining speed.

Nice BIG sea bass, I bet the boys had a blast!
What boat did you get?

What kind of boat?

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Yeah, they had a blast with the endangered BSB. I think they haad just as much fun inside the cab on the ride in. I got a 28 walk around Hydra Sport.

Awesome boat.

26 Seahunt
Angler’s Dream

You gonna keep the name?

“Good things come to those who bait”

I think so for now anyways.

Isn’t it supposed to be bad luck to change the name?

26 Seahunt
Angler’s Dream

That’s what “they” say anyways and I surely don’t need any of that right now.

Unless I’m crazy (probably) I’ve driven by your boat every day on 378. It always catches my eye…nice looking boat!

Very nice boat. I remember seeing it in Lexington quite a few times a little while ago. Looked awesome. Good luck with the bluefins, let me know how it turns out.

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Inept and Seahunt you are correct. Mountain Top in Lexington. I looked and debated for about 6 months on her and finally decided to pull the trigger back in Nov. Now I can’t wait for trolling season to roll around (hence the plans for the NC trip).