Late report from the Ashley

I could only go by myself this year so I took 3 trips on the Ashley. Compared to some of you I did horrible but managed enough to make the wife real pleased. I often was getting 25 to 50 each throw but one poling it meant waiting at least 15 minutes to throw again and this old guy gets tired early nowadays but again, the wife was pleased and we have enough to last quite awhile.


You checked the most important boxes known to married men

  1. Keep wife happy
  2. See box 1.


Thanks for sharing

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How was the size in the Ashley?

Amen, if Mama ain’t happy…well, you know the rest. You got out there and that’s what counts.

the first two trips a lot of small and medium and a few large, the last trip the size was much better with plenty of large and a few jumbo