Late Summer Big Boys - Wando River

Had a blast last week getting on the redfish. I fished the last two hours of the outgoing tide and first hour of the incoming. I saw over slot redfish chasing shrimp up in the shallows as I cruised along the banks, spooking many fish along the way. I finally found an area where they were feeding on finger mullet, so I matched the hatch and it paid off! All fish were caught on ZMan Minnowz (bad shad) with a 3/16 oz Texas Eye jig head. This grub color looks just like a mullet in my opinion. The reds were feeding ferociously and would hit it on the fall and on a steady retrieve as well.

Here’s the video of my trip. I hope you enjoy!

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Fine job sir, thanks again for the report and pictures as usual…

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Nice post and nice fish…

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Great job!

Keep them coming!

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Thanks RBF! I enjoy posting the reports and reading other’s reports. It’s always helpful to see what is going on out there in our fishing community. - Kevin

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Very nice. I guess the reds will start eating hard and heavy to fatten up for winter.

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