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Has anyone heard for sure on this years ARS season? I heard so much flack was given about the miss management of the closures on them that Goldfinch has got McMaster to sign a bill that Recreational guys and gals can harvest them year round again. 20" minimum and either two per person or two per boat? Of course the new rule that you have to have a descending device on board. DNR sight still has 2022 regs up. Hope this is going to happen.

As far as I can tell, the new ruling, passed last year by McMaster, only applies in State waters, to three miles out. Still no harvesting of ARS in Federal waters, except the restricted season, they offer, which has, historically, been the first, or second, weekend in July.

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Just announced

July 14 and 15

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Oh, boy. I had some serious false hopes! Why not at least a month for Recreational Folk? Probably be crappy weather and ruff Seas.

thanks for posting this up Barbawang.

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We are “lucky” to have any days at all with the way NOAA is pushing the impact of ARS as by-catch. There were suggestions of shutting down snapper/grouper entirely for a period of time to rebuild the stock! Until the new stock assessment comes out, this likely won’t change anytime soon and even then it might not.

Nice to see you back!

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That was supposed to be the purpose the vast marine protected areas . To re build the stocks! I was there when that battle was fought and the carrot they were dangling was that these areas would serve as nursery grounds to be rotated from time to time . But the rotation has never happened and the greenies want to increase the MPA coverage to thousands more sq miles of closed ocean. The SAMFC is quick to note ARS bycatch as detrimental , but they NEVER mention the reserve of fishes that we can’t touch in the protected areas.

I have mentioned the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council (SAFMC) on this site many times before and they have a lot more restrictions in store for us. They will soon be unveiling a plan to restrict mahi and wahoo catch limits and even more marine protected areas to reach their goal of 5% of our off shore water being closed forever to fishing. Before it was only bottom fishing , but now they are talking trolling as well. Closed to all fishing!

Most of the voting seats on the council are those that have connections to environmental groups and the PEW foundation that want all fish to die of old age. Interestingly , in a recent notice , the council is seeking people to serve on advisory committees . They will pay for your travel and lodging and you could give voice to some of us that fish. Just google Safmc and apply ! These council members are 100% non elected but certainly make law that affects everybody from the fisherman to the person that pays over $35 per lb for snapper. Consider helping to reign in this out of control council today!

Sellsfish used to be up to date on all the SAFMC nonsense. I love it when they describe ARS as the imperiled red snapper. I would love to know how they have decided that they are so “imperiled”. Be interesting to see 100 boat owners that regularly bottom fish in a group together and be told ARS are rare and in danger of never being caught again. I remember when numbers for “area 51” started getting out. You could rack up on the ARS and grouper!

We should pay careful attention to the council. . They are a non elected body that makes laws that affect so many people. They claim it’s not law but protective regulations but when they turn it over to law enforcement it sure looks like law. Really. They want to regulate mahi A fish that has a world wide range that is capable of reproduction at 3 months of age . Absolutely silly. The councils reach is from Hatteras to the Atlantic side of Key West.

One of the fastest and most prolific fish in the ocean. Less than 3% make it to 4 years old and the oldest known was 5. They are plentiful! I wonder what percent of our recreational population actually have the ability to fish for ars or Mahi for that matter? Bet it’s not 5%.

When did we become South Atlantic residents? Last I knew the South Atlantic was very far from Charleston SC.

So anyone get any ARS friday or Saturday?