Launching from the end of ft johnson

Are there any spots to launch around there past dnr where the school and labs are? I’d love to put in there but don’t want to do it where I’m not welcome.

There is an area with a little wood walkway behind where the oyster recycling site is but, it really isn’t a place I’d call a “launch” site. It would be a bit awkward as there are rocks all over the shoreline and they’re slippery. Not sure if there is any other place in that area. How about Sunrise/Demetre Park?

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Forgot where I read this, but someone said they were over there launching and someone came out and told them if they wanted to launch there was a trail that lead down to the beach they were welcome too. Doesn’t hurt to stop by and ask. I’ll look around and see if I can’t find where I read that.

Found it! On there’s an interactive map where people have put in and they list their reviews.

"Facilities: There’s a floating dock, but state employees were busily using the dock getting ready to depart in power boats. They told us to use a dirt road beside one of the buildings to access a little patch of beach. We followed their instructions and found a little patch of beach and access to the harbor through the rip-rap. There were no bathrooms or other facility. We backed down the road to unload and then moved the cars to parking under some trees off the paved road. We met one guy when departing and one when we came back and both confirmed this is a public launch site.

It’s about two miles to paddle to Ft Sumpter and another two miles to Ft. Moultrie. We found places to land the boats and toured both forts."

Thanks guys!

for those interested, I believe this is the access spot.

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for those interested, I believe this is the access spot.

Sam Elliott

That little dirt path just to the left outside of your circle is the “launch” area.

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I tried launching from this spot a couple weeks back but the gate at the dnr station was closed. Is it usually open? It was on a Saturday. Wound up having to launch from demetre park and paddle down. Thanks

The gate closes at 530 weekdays 1230 most the time saturday and usually doesnt open on sunday.

Thanks, Appreciate the info. Will you be locked in once the gate is down, or can you still leave just not come in?

It will open for you from the inside. That is a great little spot. Just watch for the Saturday crazies running through there HOT. There are shark teeth on the beach there too.