Lazy Fishing

Thursday 12-1
No matter how long I live here in the low country it still feels great to fish in December. I never even dreamed of being on the water catching fish and even in a Kayak- WHAT- should be Ice skating by now!

Got Skunked 11-26, Reds just not up in the flats yet (anyone seen schools up in the flats yet?)

12-1-11 Incoming tide launched at 8am we caught many fish mostly small reds , few flounder and 4/5 trout ( need a younger person to fish with to keep a good count) Fish were in 4-5FT of water caught most fish around docks one good school of small Reds hooked 9 from the same school

10 Pound yellow Power Pro, 20 Pound Leader, Z-Man Gold flaked curly tail, Gulp Glow shrimp,

I was told Mud Minnows are working great right now

Hands Free Kayak fishing really works well Bass yak

Capt Dave See face Book Page Fishing Kayaks SC

Nice set up!