Leading cause of death.. Unknow cause

Let’s hope we don’t contract it, because it’s unknown . You are likely to die at this moment from Unknown causes more so than heart dieses or Cancer! . Seems we sure don’t want to catch it, because many are dying from it.

Early symptoms… Unknown. Hmmm before the world changed from covid and the mass vaccine fearmongering push this just was not a problem.

Don’t question it or it will lower your social credit score.

I’m sure the doctors of the world that pushed vaccines, to keep egg off their face will say it is from people unvaccinated that got Covid and it’s the aftermath of it. Even the article mentions that getting Covid causes other problems etc…
Probably a good time for Fauci to get out huh?

Fauci is concerned about a political sea change in November with subsequent hearings about his relationship with China and big pharma. After he climbs the gallows then he can step down (plummet) to hell…

Rand got him treed

Kudos to Rand Paul for holding Fraudci’s feet to the fire

Bad thing is not many are commenting… I wish to GOD my family would not have taken the vaccine, all but me and my son have not. I know, you take something prescribed to you by your doctor and our government, you think you can trust them… Unfortunately not so much.

All you Guinee pigs that did it, you should be up in arms. The Vaccine is still not FDA approved. Argue if you want, but I am right. Emergency approved yes. but stage THREE approval. Nope.

Y’all need to be lawyering up. No shortage of ambulance chancing lawyers out there…

How doctors still buy into this shot, knowing it doesn’t work, when a “recorded” 40,000 people worldwide have died and hundreds of thousands, including my sister, have had life altering vaccine injuries is ABSURD TO ME!!!
I blame doctors and now know the CDC, NIAID, WHO, all of it can’t be trusted ever again!!

I DON’T trust doctors, and especially not the prescription murders, ONLY in life or death will I take strong medications with strong side effects.

Typically, doctors NEVER say it is life or death, because of suits, so we can refuse all meds by choice, side effects often worse than the disease???

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I had a really good VA primary care Dr that readily admitted that they didn’t know it all. In fact every time I saw him after examination he would ask “ what do you think is going on “. I liked that.

Of course after Biden took office all the good VA dr’s are gone. Now we have low paid PA’s that think they know it all.

I think he’s another hidden reply liar

@Mixed_Nutz found 1 too