Leaning Post Question?

Has anyone ever ordered from this company online. http://cuttingedgeboattops.com

Looking at the Standard Leaning Post w/Back Rest
Removable Back Rest, Flip Foot Rest, 4 Rod Holders, and Cooler Space
for $395.00 and $60.00 for shipping.

Looks to go to be true? I was looking to pay close to $600-$800 for one or is $395.00 a going price? If so would love to stay local.

I currently have a flip back cooler seat that needs the top reupholstered and looking at kind of scraping that and getting a leaning post.

I have never bought from them. I had Happy Bob from this site custom make mine to the specs I wanted. He did an awesome job.

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Definitely contact Happy Bob or Capt. Ed on here first if you want to try local. Both do great work.

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To be honest, I could’nt build one for you at that price. That would barely pay for my materials and cost for cushions.
Just by looking at their pictures, their product looks of good quality, and they do offer a “lifetime” guarantee on the framework. I would contact them and see if they have a money back guarantee if you’re not pleased with the product when you recieve it and see it in person. Will they take it back and refund your money? Can they give you names and phone numbers of satisfied customers? Also, since they ship by Greyhound bus, what kind of wrapping/packaging do they use to protect it?
I’ve heard that some fab. shops are importing small parts, like leaning posts, from China at a way low cost, then marking them up 100% or more for the American market. (I am in no way suggesting or implying that this company does that)

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I actually bought a T-Top from these guys about 10 years ago. I could not find anyone that could even get close to the price I paid. It was well made and never had any issues with it. The only problem I had with them is that I went down to pick it up instead of shipping. I spoke to them on Friday and was told it was ready. I went down on Sunday night and spent the night arrived at shop Monday morning to pick up, well they had not even started building it yet. They acted like that was no big deal and said give them a couple of hours. I went and killed some time and in about 4 hours had it built and loaded. He cut me like $100 bucks off price for not having it ready.

I have a nice fiberglass leaning post/bait tank setup that I bought thinking it would work nicely in my boat, but it is too wide and limits access to some floor hatches. If you are interested in it, get in touch with me. Somebody will get a great deal.

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Thanks for all of the responses and plan on calling them on Monday. Big wes thanks but this is going on a 18 footer so I am pretty sure it will be a little to bulky for me and not really looking for that style.

I got one for around that price from Clover Enterprises a few years ago. They had an extra one around and wanted to get rid of it. Really good quality and I love it. Might want to give them a call and see, if you want to keep it local. They are in Summerville. BTW they make many posts and T tops for the local boat mfg-ers

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I purchased a leaning post from this company about a year ago. For the price it is a very well made product. Keep in mind that it is very basic. I have it installed on an 18’ Sea Hunt, and quite frankly it has gone through some abuse and has held up quite well.

If you are looking for a well made, no frills post to serve the purpose then this may be a good choice for you. If you want something more for aesthetic purposes you may want to look elsewhere.

Shipping was a bit cumbersome. It was shipped to the Greyhound station in North Charleston to be delivered by a specific date. The station was supposed to call me when it arrived. A couple of days after the scheduled delivery and no call, I got in touch with the station…said they did not have it. Called the company and they said it shipped. Ended up having to go to the Greyhound Station and walk back with the guy there. It was there, with my name and an arrival date of five days earlier. Not the companies fault, but still a PITA. Was packaged pretty well though.

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Just sounds what I am looking for, did it come with all of the mounting hardware? IE stainless screws for the deck?

I’m just guessing that it doesn’t come with mounting hardware. For good prices on stainless steel hardware, check out your local Fastenal store. I use #14 X 1 1/4" phillips oval sheet metal screws when mounting t-tops & leaning posts when I can’t thru bolt. At Fastenal, you can get a bag of 50 for about $16.00. Lowes will cost you about $4.50 for a bag of 5 screws. I’m afraid to think what West Marine’s price is. Don’t forget to use 5200 marine sealant under the mounting pads & in the screw holes.

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You can pay a little extra for the stainless steel sheet metal screws for mounting. I really wanted to through bolt the post to my deck, however it was an impossibility due to the stringer layout. However, I used the screws provided and a liberal amount of 5200 and have had no issues at all to date.

My best piece of advice, if you cannot through bolt, is to be sure you strip all wax, dirt, and anything else that may be on the deck in the areas you are mounting to. You want to make sure that the 5200 has every chance possible to create a strong bond. Also, do not rush to get on the water. Give that 5200 plenty of time cure.

Good luck! It really was a fairly easy installation and has been, by far, one of the best additions to my boat other than trim tabs.

One last thing. I am a vertically challenged individual (5’7") and they were able to make the post to my exact height requirements which is much more comfortable to me than the standard heights that are offered. I was a little uneasy about ordering the post off the web so I gave them a call. I think the guys name is Carlos (got a real heavy Jersey accent). He was very informative and easy to work with and told me all the options that were available and what alterations could be made.

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