Learning trout and redfish need some help?

Hi guys Cubs here, gonna come next week or so and try some Redfish and Trout, can someone help with what creek to fish and maybe bait choices, thanks in advance

Where are you staying and are you bringing a boat?

With the temperatures dropping, the fish are getting aggressive. Bait is everywhere.

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i’m going to bring my boat Redfisher 21, and stay over at Mt. Pleasant. Thanks for any suggestions, Keith (Cubs)

+1 on bait being everywhere right now. Recommend bringing a castnet and catching your own. Live finger mullet and/or shrimp under a popping cork is your best bet. If castnet not possible you can buy live mud minnows by the dozen at a bunch of spots in/around Mt P but would go to Haddrells because they will be most helpful with any questions you may have (I’m not affiliated with them in any way, just my experience).

As for spots, if not familiar with local waters be careful as lots of shallow areas with oyster beds where getting out around low tide can be impossible. Probably safest to stick near the Intercoastal Waterway behind Sullivan’s & IOP, look for drop offs, breaks in the grasslines, and structure (docks and oyster beds). The where is actually easier than the when, tide is a huge factor and the catching windows in most spots are limited. Also really depends on other conditions (water clarity, wind direction,…etc).

Fwiw, fished a different area Wed and caught good quantity but little quality. Didn’t have any luck in the couple creeks we tried, everything was in the inlet area just off shallow oyster bed banks.
Hope that helps. If you get a chance please report back on how it goes. Tight Lines!

If you want to talk fishin Well I guess that'll be okay
If you want to talk fishin Well I guess that'll be okay

That’s all good advice above. For me over the last few weeks live shrimp has produced a bunch of fish, although smaller on average. On a float or on the bottom on a shell bank, hasn’t really mattered much. Bigger reds have come on mullet on the bottom; you want these around the size of your finger. I’ve also done well using quartered blue crabs on the bottom, but they have to be fresh.

You can buy bait, but honestly this time of year most creek mouths will have bait in them at lower tides. Once the water gets in the grass, its harder to catch bait. Plan accordingly and bring a net.

If you go the ICW route, there’s a bunch of boat traffic back there most days. Its good fishing, but sometimes not worth dealing with the yahoos and out of towners. :smiley: Plus if you put in at IOP marina, there’s a hefty charge. Its nice; don’t get me wrong, but I won’t be paying anyone to launch my boat. You may find its worth the convenience since you have limited time on your trip. The Wando is a much larger area to explore and holds a bunch of fish too. Put in at Remley’s boat landing; its free to the public. Get there early on a weekend as it fills up fast. Docks are great at most times with moving water. Structure is your friend. Trout and reds both love to hang out on structure waiting for an easy meal. Otherwise, bait on the grass line near creek mouths on the incoming tide is where you want to be.

“Another poon dream splintered on the rocks of reality.” --Peepod 07-25-2017