Leaving iop marina going north to get out to open water?

How do u get out without running all way back to ft sumpter?..… I’ve tryed several times but I can’t find the channel, is it close to beach?, it would save lots of gas if there is a safe way and closer from the marina

Most of the inlets north of IOP have substantial bars. The exception is bulls bay. But to get into bulls bay from the ICW requires some knowledge . The safest thing to do is go south thru the jetties. I know some people that lost their boat when they ran aground and the waves beat their boat to death

Dewees Inlet is close and can be navigated.
It’s tricky though.
Best to take some one who knows the channel; it changes.
I used to follow the Parasail boats to learn the way.
My boat drew less than theirs.
Don’t know if they are still in business.

Thanks for the reply’s, believe I’ll just stick to going south out of iop when launching from there and stay safe

When I’m trying to find the channels, I will go out during a super low tide. Sometimes you can see where the channel is deepest! Make a mark or a few in your depth finder and it should help next time you go back.

Also know of a boat that came in Capers, ran aground on a falling tide. As the waves pusher her on shore and the tide ebbed, the boat bounced on her side hundred (thousands?) of times. They were lucky. Cracked the rudder tube, but, that’s all. They got her floating and with all pumps running (and, still slowly sinking) they ran back down ICW to Isle of Palms where I met them with some big gas powered pumps.

Bunch of unhappy people sleeping on their boats when I started the first pump. But, we kept her afloat long enough for the yard to open up and pull her out of the water.

Inlets are tricky.

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