left over power pro line after spooling reel

just curios what to do with left over line after spooling reel?? for example I put 100 yards on spool depending on the test line and have 50 or less yards left. i bought 150 yds. of power pro. I stopped getting tackle shops to put line on because I would tell them to back with some mono and 3 different times they did not do it. I do not tie flies either and hate to throw away! Any suggestions would be appreciated? Thanks Larry

Save it for when you lose some line.

Save it for when you lose some line.

I used to get some old mono and practice my braid to mono connections. Being able to loose the swivel at the connection, my leader can be as long as I want, because the knot travels through the guides. With me the more I tied them the easier they got, I was able to tie them much quicker and my connections were much smoother. My two best connections for braid to mono are the PR Knot and the FG Knot.

I am not sure what to do with the extra 50 yards but I realized that if I bought the 300 yard spool I would not have any waste. The 300yd spools are more expensive but it lasts forever. My last purchase was about 2 years ago. This year I will flip the line on my reels to get another year out of them. Hope this helps!

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You can always use it as a backing on a reel you use mono on for a little extra line.

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If you know that the reels will take only 100 yards then take it off. Then walk off 50 yards of mono. Cut off mono, put the 50 yards of braid on, and tie on the 100 yds. to it. problem solved.

So this problem does not happen again Take your mono off of your reel. Throw away or use again on a smaller reel. Put your 150 yards of braid on reel first. Then fill it up with your mono. Take mono and the braid off and put on a coffee can. Now wrap your braid mono onto another can. Now you can go directly to the reel, mono first followed by braid. Problem solved. Next time you want to change your braid just take it off.