legal shark bait?

I know you are not supposed to use fish as bait if they are not from the waters you are fishing… but, while we were cleaning striper the other day a friend mentioned that the carcasses looked like they would be good shark bait. That got me thinking, because even though they were caught in a fresh water lake, striper do also live in the ocean. Would it still be illegal to use them as bait?

Kind of a gray area. You cannot use gamefish as bait (gamefish with a size limit). SCDNR loves our striper, get caught with one cut up on the boat, you might be in the bighouse for a half a day or so!

I have tried fresh water fish for bait in salt. . Nada.bsb wouldn’t eat it. But I have trolled rigged catfish and small gar and they work well behind a skirt