Lesson learned

On the way home last night I run across the kid. Fortunately I had to have my truck at work today.

I pulled off so I can block his azz. One of the studs stripped out fortunately I had a grinder with me. We got the spare on. Was going to follow him to North Myrtle so he can get some new tires. Didn’t make it a mile and the other tire went. We loaded the bike and his truck and the trailer on my truck.

Turns out he’s a soldier boy with the 82nd airborne out of fort Bragg.
This is his first bike the trailer come with it. Yamaha 250 pretty cool little bike. Took the trailer to my house he’s going to come back next week and pick it up. Told him he come Sunday I take his azz fishing.
But the reason I’m posting this is because what the kids said after we shook hands. He was walking back to his truck, stoped and turn around and said. thank you again and thank you for teaching me a lesson.
If I see someone broke down along the edge of the road. I will never just ride by them again. I will always stop.

Good on you man! Karma will repay in kind. Hope you get to put him on some fish if yall go!

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…well, some fishing too!

I still stop for people, but not as much as I once did. It is a shame, but in today’s society it’s very hard to know who to trust. Good on you OTC.

I’ve told my wife and daughters no matter what do not stop, just call 911 and tell them about it. If I have the wife with me, I will not stop. I only do if by myself and the situation looks halfway safe.

Its terrible that we are to this point in society. I used to stop all the time. Now, I only stop if I’m heading away from the city and towards the country.

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Old boy come pick this trailer up this afternoon. I had replaced the stud that we had to cut off put some buddy bearings on and greased up the bearings real good.

And he brought me a reward…
He hung out at the shop for about an hour and we shot the breeze. They had a jump yesterday. One of the guys got caught in a thermocline. Got blown way off course. Ended up slamming into a house . Then got dragged down the street bounced off a couple cars. He said they had to cut a small piece out of his skull to get the pressure off his brain. Said the guys not out of the woods yet but looks like he’s going to make it.

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