Let's talk cast nets

I have Fitec, Bett’s Super Pro and a Tim Wade. The best is the Tim Wade net, Fitec is number 2 and Bett’s is number three. Other things to note…whether you want 1lb per ft or 1.5 lb per ft of weight. For deep holing nets use 1.5 lb per ft and I also prefer the heavier net for baiting in shallower water because it sinks faster in fast water. More weight also helps with my casting techniques as the additional weight pulls the net open better. I also use 5/8" mesh for shrimping either deep holing or bating.

I’ve been throwing a betts old salt for years and I really like it. The Fitecs are nice too. I try to stay 1lb per ft. A buddy gave me a black pearl 1.6 lb per ft last year. I gave it back to him. It was too much work for me. Got heavy really fast. I would say don’t spend more on a net than your willing to throw in the water because you may throw it 1 time and lose it. It happens.

I use a betts 8’ and I applied tape in 2’ strips then skipped 2 ‘ About 4’ infer the horn. This is a good idea even if your not deep holing because it helps the net not tangle so much and makes it open better. I used gorilla tape with the net sandwiched in between. I hope I never have to remove it.

Pls post a pic. Thanks!

lol i did that my first time ever going. i had the rope too loose on my wrist with a cow hitch. had to move quick and grab the rope. never had that happen again, now that i pay attention.