Liitte disappointed

Went for the kings Monday, beautiful ocean! Trolled quite a good while and only caught one king about 10 lb and one AJ. got on some really nice vermillion/BSB in about 100’. Not sure why we couldn’t get on the kings, alittle disappointed (last three trips few really good with them)just fishing! The bottom fish turned the day into success. !-king,5-AJs,3-graysby grouper,15-very nice vermillion,12-BSB. :sunglasses:

I’m going out Wednesday… we’ll see!

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Still looks like a great day. I’ll let you know if we go this weekend.

Capt. R. Killin
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10-4 we are going in the morning to try again. (never give up!)Going to work hard on the macks, but if they don’t cooperate we do the bottom again.:sunglasses:

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