Limehouse area 6/27

Got out right at high tide and went to throw the net real quick for bait so I could get to some new spots (new to me). “Real Quick” turned into 2 hours. Hate to admit, but the whole time I didn’t realize a foot and half wide hole near the lead line. Sat there and fixed the net while missing the tide I wanted to fish.

Once repaired, filled up the live well with about 5-6 dozen decent sized shrimp, several dozen finger mullet, and almost a dozen foot long+ mullet within 20 minutes (I’m sure “Oops Lost” will have some comments for me…).

Found a spot holding reds and could only manage two due to huge thunderhead appearing over my head (I use a copper grounding rod for my Cajun anchor so I don’t mess around with t-storms). Bait used was chunked mullet. Water temp even seemed low at low tide (around 85-86.6 in the shallows). Caught under shallow end of dock (no bites at deep end). Learned big lesson: if after a few throws on top of bait and nothing to show for, check the (**() net for holes.