Little River Conditions

Hi Everyone! Can anyone comment on the conditions in the Little River/ Sunset/ OIB area? We are planning to stay in OIB starting Sunday and fish for 4 days…mostly inshore. Any reports are much appreciated. Also, has anyone been catching any bait shrimp in that area?


Have not ventured North lately. But have heard they are catching some flounder in Tubbs Inlet & and the creek that runs right along the bridge. We’ve been fishing mostly the ocean end of The Creeks around Bonaparte Creek. We’ve been doing pretty good on the reds everything from Little rats to30". Trout seem to be moving around a little bit more. picked up a couple big black drum around 26". It seems to be a lot better on the incoming tide. Lot of freshwater still flushing out the Waterway. The Big Reds 40+"are plentiful around the Jetties. Mullet have been kind of difficult to catch. There’s still a fair number of shrimp. Nothing like before the storm though.

Thank you Sir. Much appreciated. Hopefully I will have something to report early next week.

Jlove, How did you do at Little River? I expect to be there shortly. Missed Again