Live and Learn

I have been remodeling our upstairs bathroom for a couple of months now. After 20 years of boy use, it needed an upgrade. My plan today was to put in the new faucet/drain and a couple of other minor cosmetic things and call it a day. I figured an hour or two at most. NOPE, it turned into a 4+ hour PITA and several tripe to Lowes/Home Depot.

Since I was putting in a new faucet, I figured I’d replace the water lines and the 22 year old valves. Got everything off, no problems and installed the new faucet and turned the water back on. LEAKS, slow drippy leaks.

I turned the water off and tried to tighten the valves, being very careful to not break anything and turned the water back on. Still small drips. I was getting pretty pissed at this point and wasn’t sure what to do.

I ended up taking the valves back off, cleaning the threads and used Rectorseal Thread Sealant instead of teflon tape. I had used a new “Max” teflon tape that I had never used before and I think it was the culprit. Once I reinstalled the valves with the thread sealant and turned the water back on, NO LEAKS. I have never had such problems with the plain old white teflon tape but, from now on I’m using thread sealant. Stick with what has worked in the past instead of being fooled into buying something “new” that makes bold claims.

I feel your pain.
I hate anything to do with plumbing.

Teflon tape. I probably got 20 rolls between the work, truck and house.
Never can find it but by another roll.

Chinese valves, Chinese tape…

Several years ago brass fittings changed to lead free brass fittings. The new lead free brass fittings are much harder to seal than the older ones. Usually the larger they are the harder they are to get to seal properly. Stainless fittings can also be challenging.

Still no leaks this morning. On a brighter note, did a rear brake pad replacement on my wife’s car, easy-peasy.

Words to live by…
Every 30 minute job is just one broken bolt away from taking hours.

Oh yeah no reason for all the Teflon tape a lot of air compressors and air tools/nailer