Live Bait Suggestions

Leaving out of Beaufort and hoping the weather allows us to get out for an offshore bottom trip this Thanksgiving break. Does anyone know if any hardtails or bait fish are around the 45 or Ross this time of year? If not, any suggestions for live bait that wont take a whole morning to try to track down?

I don’t know about your area, but will share our recent experience out of Charleston. For us it has been much harder than in early fall. We could not find many around the buoys on the shipping channel. But we did find some in a creek, and around the 60 reef. The sizes were mostly either smaller or larger than ideal. Plus there are still cudas or something that eats bait and sabikis. And it took 1-1/2 hours, but we got enough to fish.
Good luck

Ona Mission thanks for the input. Went out Friday to some structure in 70 feet and had no problems catching cigar minnows on sabikis in 10-15 minutes. Dropped a butterfly jig while messing around for bait and ended up catching a nice bull redfish.

How was the bottom bite? How deep? Thanks

Bottom bite was good in 90 feet of water. Had to keep moving around to escape these red looking fish…Finally was able to get live bait away from them and caught 2 gags one was short 22 inches and the other 28 (Caught by my 11 year old Nephew on his first offshore trip). Other then that it was mixed with BSBs, Porgies, Grunts, Triggers and Sharks. Wished the BSBs were a little more active but might had to do with the amount of these red looking fish around. Steady catching the whole day.