Liz Cheney

Rember when her dad shot his bird hunting buddy in the back with 12 guage #8 birdshot?

Last night she got shot too, figuratively speaking of course. Both barrels in the arse on her way out.

Thats all I got

Everyone picks their own battles in life sometimes.

EF started this

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she had it coming?

Don’t worry, she compared herself to Lincoln so I’m sure she will be president one day.

The balls on someone to compare themselves to Lincoln…

Big Brass ones…

It’s being reported that her meager vote count was mainly from democrats that switched just to vote for her. Rewards for being a useful idiot. She’ll be a great addition as the hardcore conservative on The View you know OTC’s favorite show?

Liz Cheney’s husband and Hunter Biden’s attorney are partners at the same firm

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