LKA Club Meeting & Seminar - April 4

Join the Lowcountry Kayak Anglers on Saturday, April 4th at 3pm at the West Ashley location of “The Charleston Angler” - 654 St. Andrews Blvd.

Agenda: Distributing LKA membership cards, LKA “Angler of the Year” captain’s meeting, our “Heroes on the Water” chapter update, and commencement of club business for members.

There will also be a Largemouth Bass fishing seminar, conducted by a Charleston Angler staffer. The Largemouth Bass is the Angler of the Year target species for April…so take good notes!

As always, our events and meetings are open to the public…

Lowcountry Kayak Anglers -

I will be doing a short Captain’s Meeting, for anyone who has any questions about the “Angler of the Year” Tournament.


Wilderness Systems Ride 135 “Sauer Trout”
Hobie Adventure Island “Rogue Wave”
Hobie Outback “Silverback”