LKA Meet and Greet - June 14th Folly Landing

Join us for a Meet and Greet on Saturday, June 14th at 0800 at Folly Landing. All are invited. Bring your kayak and fish… No kayak yet? Come out and see what the locals are fishing out of. We’ll meet up and chat then launch.

Folly Landing is on Hwy 171, on the right-hand side as you cross the bridge onto Folly Island.

See you Saturday…


Man. Wish I had waited until this weekend to come down. Don’t think I can get down 2 weeks in a row.

Sounds like a good way to gather some info. Looking to get a kayak just not sure what to get. Look forward to seeing everyone there.

If I can get my rear out of bed I’ll be there!

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Man, I keep catching these late… Whens the next one? Ive been wanting to meet up with you guys for awhile. Thanks, and hope you tore them up.